WPPI 2012 Album Competition – First Place

The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention is the largest and most diverse convention of its kind for photographers.

This year in Las Vegas, with almost 20,000 photographers in attendance from over 50 countries, I was awarded First Place in the 2012 WPPI Awards of Excellence Album Competition. Continue reading WPPI 2012 Album Competition – First Place

Beach Pier Engagement Session: Judi & Andy

I met Judi and Andy on the pier the week before their wedding. Although most of the engagement sessions I photograph happen many months before the wedding, this was the only time that Andy was going to be in town (he lives in Maryland).

Enjoy this California style engagement photography on the pier! Continue reading Beach Pier Engagement Session: Judi & Andy

Pier Engagement Session: Jen & Minh

Jen and Minh selected the pier for their engagement session and boy did they rock it! They were super fun to photograph which made my job crazy easy. And I’ve got to give them props for their cool wardrobe choices. Even though it was pretty chilly, you wouldn’t know it from Jen’s super hot sundress. And Minh’s shirt was pretty damn cool; and I wasn’t afraid to tell him as much! Continue reading Pier Engagement Session: Jen & Minh

Washington D.C. Engagement Session; National Mall

Although Katie and Tom booked me as their local wedding photographer, they both live in Washington D.C.

Therefore, it seemed only natural that we have their engagement session in the city they now call home. If you’re wondering about the weather, I think I should mention it was “butt ass cold” when did this session–as in the low 20s. Katie had goose bumps the size of small grapes but she was one hell of an awesome trooper! Tom just took it like Superman.

Speaking of which, do you think Tom looks a bit like Christopher Reeve as seen in the early Superman films? Anyway, here are a few photos from their session on and around the National Mall in Washington D.C. Continue reading Washington D.C. Engagement Session; National Mall

Union Station Downtown Engagement Session

I met Tricia and Tarik at Union Station for their engagement session. Tricia had arranged for special permits so we were allowed in to an area that’s normally off limits to the public.

After we spent some time in Union Station, we drove over to the heart of downtown to visit the roof of Tricia’s brother’s residence. I must admit, he had a pretty amazing view! Continue reading Union Station Downtown Engagement Session

Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

I met Gen and Jose this weekend at Griffith Park for their engagement session. I was super surprised to see how busy it is up there even at 7:30 in the morning.

We took a few photos around the observatory (which wasn’t going to open until 10:00 a.m.) and then went down to a few of the park’s trails. Continue reading Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

Pier & Beach Engagement: Jess & Chris

Jess and Chris worked extra hard to make their engagement session special. They picked great locations, brought tons of cool props, and dressed to impress! It was almost too easy to take some great photos of these guys! We started the day at the pier. Then we moved on to the strand and then finally back to the pier to pick up their bikes. You’ll see more of these guys later this year as I’ll be their wedding photographer in September. Continue reading Pier & Beach Engagement: Jess & Chris

Downtown Engagement Session: Disney Hall

I met Katy and Tony for their engagement session last weekend downtown. I’ve worked as a wedding photographer a few times in that area, but I’ve not done an engagement session down there before. It was a bit chilly, but Katy and Tony were game for anything! After working in the heart of downtown, we moved to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Continue reading Downtown Engagement Session: Disney Hall

Staples Center Engagement Session & LA Kings Hockey

Michelle and Ben met in the Staples Center at a Los Angeles Kings game on March 18, 2004. But that’s not the beginning of their story together; Michelle and Ben had seen each other for many years.

Michelle’s dad and Ben’s parents have been season ticket holders to Los Angeles Kings games–with seats right next to each other! And although their families had been neighbors for many years, Ben and Michelle had never spoken to each other.

Anyway, in case you haven’t already guessed, Ben experienced success when he finally made his move. And the rest is history. Continue reading Staples Center Engagement Session & LA Kings Hockey

Getty Museum Engagement Session

I met Jialing and Leonard at The J. Paul Getty Museum for their engagement session.

I’m a frequent visitor to The Getty but I’m usually there to visit the amazing photography exhibits. And I do like to take a look at a Rembrandt now and again.

I will be working as Jialing and Leonard’s wedding photographer in May. Check back then for more photos of this cute couple! Continue reading Getty Museum Engagement Session

Gamble House Engagement Session

Last weekend I photographed a brief engagement with Amanda and Jeff at the The Gamble House by Greene & Greene.

As their wedding photographer, I was surprised at their initiative in gaining access to this location (along with getting the appropriate permissions) but the location made perfect sense given their love of American Arts and Crafts style architecture. Continue reading Gamble House Engagement Session

Old Town Pasadena & Pasadena City Hall Engagement Session

When a client selects me as their wedding photographer, the process typically starts with the bride finding me through a search engine, a wedding directory, or through a referral.

For this couple, it was the other way around! Back in November 2008 I was approached by CBS. They wanted to film an episode of CSI: Miami in my studio. And that filming eventually lead me to Lindsay. You see, Lindsay has a blog called iamnotastalker.com. On that blog she shares adventure stories about film and TV locations.

Anyway, after my CSI episode aired, my studio was featured on one of her blog posts. A few months later, I was surfing the Internet and came across her blog again. This time I noticed she was looking at wedding venues. After reading about her search, I sent her an e-mail offering my services as a wedding photographer–and the rest is history! Continue reading Old Town Pasadena & Pasadena City Hall Engagement Session

Pier Engagement Session: Susan & Charles

Yesterday I met Susan and Charles on the pier for their engagement session. Charles is from Hawaii so he really wanted some sand in his photos.

Susan was the maid of honor for a wedding I photographed last year so she was no stranger to my style which focuses on having lots of fun with my clients.

Susan and Charles are getting married in January of 2010 at St. Christopher Catholic Church with their reception at Royal Vista Country Club. Continue reading Pier Engagement Session: Susan & Charles

Chinatown Engagement Session

Anna and Michael stopped by my studio to pick me up for their downtown engagement session. I’ve never been chauffeured during an engagement session so that was pretty cool! They wanted an urban engagement session so they chose Chinatown. Although I’ve photographed Chinatown several times as an urban landscape, I’d never photographed “people” in that area. Continue reading Chinatown Engagement Session

Pier Engagement Session: Pam & Larry

I met Pam and Larry early Sunday morning for their engagement session in and around the pier. Although the marine layer was in full effect, I really liked how the conditions complemented what they were wearing. Even though Pam and Larry are both crazy tall (Pam is maybe an inch taller than me), they were easy to photograph and we had a great time exploring several different areas around the pier. As you’ll see below, I had to include one of the photos I captured of the totally random guy hanging out searching for misplaced jewelry! Here are just a few of my favorite photographs from our session. Continue reading Pier Engagement Session: Pam & Larry

Arboretum Engagement Session – Hannah & Max

I photographed Hannah and Max for their engagement session at the  Arboretum. This was their first visit to the gardens, but unfortunately the peacocks had recently had their plumage removed so I couldn’t find any that would look nice in their photos.

You’ll notice that there’s a bouquet in a few of the photos. That arrangement was created by Hannah’s brother who is also doing the flowers for their wedding. And to think that he’s not even a professional florist! Here are a few of my favorites from their session. Continue reading Arboretum Engagement Session – Hannah & Max

Old Town Engagement Session: Clara & Steve

I met with Clara and Steve yesterday outside the Apple Store. We walked through some lesser known local back alleys, took a few photos, and got to know each other a little bit better. I tried quite a few new things to make up for the fact that Clara and Steve were holding to their tradition of not kissing during the engagement session.

Even though that was something I’m not really used to in my engagement sessions, I feel I was able to capture the spirit of the love they have for each other. I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding in a few weeks! Continue reading Old Town Engagement Session: Clara & Steve