Country Club Wedding: Kimberly & Brian

Kimberly and Brian were married at a Country Club on a rainy Saturday two weeks ago. Since this event was a garden wedding, we were really worried about being able to go forward with the outdoor ceremony. But luck was with them and the weather cleared just in time to allow Kimberly and Brian to keep to the original plan for an outdoor ceremony (although it was sprinkling pretty hard during Kimberly’s walk down the aisle).

The flowers for this wedding were some of the most amazing arrangements I’ve seen in a very long time. What made these arrangements very unique was that every bridesmaid had a different bouquet and the groomsmen had boutonnieres matching each bridesmaid.

Because the ground was very wet, our plans for a long pre-ceremony creative session with the bride, groom, and wedding party was really limited. That being said, we made the best of it and were still able to capture a few really creative images. One of my favorite photos from the wedding is seen below (the second photo in this post) and occurred when Brian saw Kimberly for the first time. Brian initially had his back to Kimberly, but then turned around when the wedding party counted down from three. As soon as he saw Kimberly, instead of walking to her, he used a running/skipping/gliding approach that was great fun to watch (and photograph).

I also wanted to mention that I worked with Vanessa as my second photographer for this wedding. One thing I love about photographing weddings with Vanessa is that she captures amazing detail photographs. One of her cake photos is seen in the post below. And as usual, Vanessa did an amazing job!

Moorpark Country Club

Moorpark Country Club Bride

Moorpark Country Club Bride & Groom

Moorpark Country Club Wedding Cake

Moorpark Country Club Wedding Gazebo

Moorpark Country Club Wedding Ceremony

Moorpark Country Club Wedding Photographer

Moorpark Country Club Wedding Photographers

Moorpark Country Club Wedding

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