Washington D.C. Engagement Session; National Mall

Although Katie and Tom booked me as their local wedding photographer, they both live in Washington D.C.

Therefore, it seemed only natural that we have their engagement session in the city they now call home. If you’re wondering about the weather, I think I should mention it was “butt ass cold” when did this session–as in the low 20s. Katie had goose bumps the size of small grapes but she was one hell of an awesome trooper! Tom just took it like Superman.

Speaking of which, do you think Tom looks a bit like Christopher Reeve as seen in the early Superman films? Anyway, here are a few photos from their session on and around the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Lincoln Memorial
There are many steps leading up to the Lincoln memorial. And don’t they look cute walking them?
Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial
I was waiting the security guards to tell us to move along as our permits didn’t extend to the inside of the Lincoln Memorial–but we were spared.
Couple at Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
Katie really liked her hot pink shoes–and I did too!
Quite Please - Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
Perhaps a bit cheesy — but I like it anyway!
Wedding Photographer View of Washington Monument
My favorite photo from the engagement session. When I looked at the back of my camera, I got all tingly inside!
Walking the National Mall in Washington DC
Washington D.C. in winter; the trees are bare and it’s super crazy cold!
Base of the Washington Monument on the National Mall
At the base of the Washington Monument. The wind was WHIPPING me around when I took this photo. It must have been a wind chill factor of minus 22 degrees!
Engaged Couple with Flag in Washington DC
I particularly enjoy the movement in this photo.
United States of America with Couple
Tom is really, really, really, really tall.
Capitol Hill in Washington DC with Couple
♪♪ I’m just a bill. / Yes, I’m only a bill. / And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill. ♪♪
Supreme Court Building with Couple on Steps
Katie and Tom are both attorneys. It seemed only natural to have them sit on the steps of the Supreme Court.
Couple inside Library of Congress
Our permits didn’t extend to inside the Library of Congress so I asked Katie and Tom to simply walk around and frequently sit or stand in some cool while I photographed them surreptitiously from across the room.
Wedding Couple on bench in front of Window in Library of Congress in Washingtno DC
Bench Warmers
Art is Long and Time is Fleeting - Library of Congress
Art is Long and Time is Fleeting

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